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Are You Tired of Waiting Around in a Doctor's Office?

Rely on us for virtual health care services in Jacksonville, FL

Telehealth appointments are not only more convenient for patients, but they can also decrease your exposure to germs and harmful pathogens. If you're interested in virtually meeting one-on-one with a health care professional, turn to NOLA Care. We offer virtual health care services for patients in Jacksonville, FL and the surrounding areas. Whether you have a common cold or need to treat a chronic disease, we'll make sure you receive the care you deserve.

We're proud to offer our services to patients in Florida, Nebraska, Oregon, Arizona, Utah, Idaho, and Colorado. Schedule a virtual doctor's visit by going to our Book Now page.

We'll keep you healthy and informed

Since opening our virtual telehealth company,

We've helped our patients diagnose and treat a number of different ailments. Our virtual doctor's visit options include:

  • Sick visits: We can help you treat ailments like common colds, flu strains, COVID-19 or UTIs
  • Contraceptive visits: We can go over different oral contraceptive options available to you
  • Wellness or physical exams: We can conduct a physical exam for your sports team, job or school needs
  • Chronic disease management: We can help you manage high blood pressure, high cholesterol or diabetes

NOLA Care is committed to the welfare of our patients. Contact us today to learn more about our virtual health care services.

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Bringing you the health care you deserve

When it comes to partnering with a virtual health care company, you can't go wrong with NOLA Care. We not only offer our patients more quality time with a nurse practitioner, but we also carefully listen to our patients' needs to better treat them. You can count on us for compassionate care, high-quality treatments and accessible health care.